Frequently asked questions 


◆ Is there any warranty for the products?

Yes of course. The warranty period varies based on the product. Please ask when you purchase.

Do you Install the items on car?

Yes, We install the items bought from us for an additional charge.

I have bought items from somewhere else. Can you install?

Currently we work only with our products. We don’t install products that bought from outside.

◆ I get quoted from you 1250 QR for screen, camera and installation. I offer you 750 QR can you accept?

The product prices are based on hardware and software configurations. When it varies the price also varies. That is why there are many price range screens for the same car. Also we are providing domestic warranty and most of the installation needs to do sophisticated work to retain original car steering wheel control buttons, reverse camera, aux and usb ports etc. Because of this our prices and charges are fixed.

◆ I would like to buy and install head unit for my car. But I can’t see it on your website. Can you arrange it?

Yes, We are connected with many head unit manufacturers. So we can arrange head unit for most of the cars.

I have found android screen for my car on your website. But I would like to get model with another configuration. Can you arrange it?

Yes, most of the screens are available in different configurations and we can arrange special orders based on request.

I have bought and installed from other shop. But it is not perfect. Can you do re-installation?

Currently we don’t work with items those bought from outside

◆ I bought a screen with 4Gb ram from another store. But that is slower than the 2Gb ram model my friend installed from your store. Why?
There are too many fake configurations items available in the market. For example, the TS7 processor can handle a maximum of 2Gb RAM. But many shops are selling screens with TS7 processors with 4Gb or higher RAM. This is because such screens are coming with a software that has ‘build.prop’ file modification to fake the specifications. So when we look at the ‘about’ page, it will show 4Gb or higher RAM. But, the actual physical ram is 1 or 2Gb. Also, the TS7 processor manufacturer claims that this processor can only support a maximum of 2Gb RAM. And the TS7 is only quad-core.
Your friend might have bought an octacore 2Gb RAM model. That will perform way better than the quadcore 2Gb ram models.
The easiest way to check about the software RAM modification is to run the built-in ‘GOOGLE MAPS’ app. The app will load fast and show the map screen immediately on real 4Gb RAM models. But it will be stuck on the loading screen for some time, after that the map screen will show on fake 4Gb RAM models.
◆ I bought screen from another store. They claim it is a 4K. But I don’t feel it like a 4K. How to check?
Screens above HD don’t come with buttons marked on the screen. But comes with software buttons that will only be visible after turning on the screen. So, if it has marked buttons it is even not a 2K display. But 720p or below.
Another method is to go to ‘About’ page and check for software details. Those details will contain software resolution information. That is the resolution of the display.

◆ Many shops are offering free installation when  buy from them. But you are quoting installation charge separate. Why?

We have many customers who take products to their country or doing self installation. Because of this the prices mentioned on website is excluding installation charges. That is why we are quoting installation charges additionally

◆ How to take dashboard center console photo?

Park the car in well lighted area or turn on the interior lights and take the photo by siting in the middle of second raw seats.

The reason behind of asking dashboard photo is to confirm compatibility with after market head unit.

◆ Do you have home delivery?

Yes, we have home delivery across Qatar for 20 QR charge

◆ Do you install from home?

Currently we install only from our store in Barwa village.

◆ Do you repair car stereo?

We don’t repair anything.

◆ Do you accept cards

Yes. We accept NFC enabled cards (Tap & pay).