Data Privacy Policy

  • Any personal information used by us or on our behalf is of the highest quality in terms of accuracy, relevance, adequacy, and limitation. It will also be kept up-to-date, be protected appropriately and securely destroyed when no longer required.
  • It is the policy of CARTUNES that it shall at all times observe data protection law and respect the rights and privacy of individuals by processing personal data only for legitimate and lawful purposes and in strict adherence to data protection legislation.
  • Where personal data is held purely by virtue of the consent of the individual, that consent will be explicitly given, recorded and may be withdrawn at any time without penalty.
  • We ensure that all personal information processed by us is done so fairly, legally and with appropriate justification.
  • You have the right to request information about how your data is processed by us or to make a complaint about the manner in which your personal data is stored, used, processed or shared, or if you feel that any of your Data Subject Rights have been violated.